Tuesday, 13 January 2009

A Day of Firsts, Part I

She slid under the warm covers, settling down into the mattress and sighing. She hated it when he started feeling unwell and sleeping crazy hours. It meant that when he got up, she was going to bed, and when she got up, he was almost ready to go to bed. Completely opposite schedules.

And she was so horny, too!

She'd been hot and wet all day. She was seriously beginning to wonder if maybe she was hitting her sexual prime a little early, because she'd been obsessed with sex for a while now. Trying to ignore it didn't seem to be working. She just kept getting hornier and hornier, no matter what she tried to distract herself.

Absently her hand traveled up under the quilt and started to massage her own breast. God, she needed a good fucking. But she wasn't about to risk her marriage for a roll in the hay. She'd just have to wait until her husband was feeling better. But God, what torture it seemed to be!

As she lay there thinking and rubbing her own tits, her breath quickened. She had to do something about the throbbing between her legs or else she'd NEVER get to sleep.

Wriggling out of her pj bottoms, she spread her legs wide under the quilt. One hand still tweaked, rolled, and pulled at a nipple while the other slid down to her crotch. Rubbing her outer lips, she felt how much hair there was down there. Man, I need a shave, she thought. Must remember to buy razors the next time I go into town.

She slid one finger between her pussy lips and her eyebrows shot up in surprise. Wow. I don't think I've ever felt myself this wet before. Running her finger along the inside of her pussy lips, she gently traced her way to her clit. Jesus! I really AM horny, aren't I? She'd never felt her clit so engorged before.

Ah well, she thought. I guess it's a day for firsts.

Running her fingers in circles around her clit, she thought of the last time they'd had sex. It had been a better-than-usual encounter, and she'd came at least twice. Switching to two fingers to rub up and down both sides of her clit, she remembered how he'd lifted her up by her hips and slammed his cock into her. God, that had felt so good. Her pussy had been on fire and she felt it all the way up to her chest.

Seriously worked up by now, she was almost desperate for release. Reluctantly she let go of her clit to reach over to his side of the bed. Getting the pink vibrator from the miniature chest on his table, she lay back down and brought the quilt back up to cover her shoulders, stopping for a minute to listen for any sounds of footsteps on the stairs. Hearing nothing, she spread her legs wide once again and slipped the tip of the vibrator into her. Realizing that she was so wet that lubrication wasn't even going to be a problem, she shoved it in all the way and turned it on, dialling it up to maximum speed.

One hand returned to her clit, while the other resumed its nipple play. God, she thought, I wish he understood just how much I love it when he plays with my tits. I'd probably come all over him if he did.

It didn't take too long for the fire in her belly to start growing. Feeling her orgasm building, she finally abandoned her tit to spread her pussy lips wide with one hand while the other rubbed frantically on her clit. Images flashed in her mind: him, kneeling on the bed, naked, with his magnificent cock sticking straight out at her. Him, laying on the bed naked while she sucked his cock. Him, in the house they'd moved into shortly after getting married, sitting on the desk naked while she sat in the desk chair, sucking his cock and talking to her sister on the phone at the same time.

That one still made her giggle.

Impatient now, and finding the desperation to come too much to bear, she slipped the vibrator from her hole and pressed the tip to her clit. A slight smile flitted across her face the moment it touched - though she much preferred sex with another person, there was just something about the way a vibrator felt.

Very gently, she rubbed the vibrator around her clit, trying to find just the right spot. It never seemed to be in the same place twice! Damned thing has a mind of its own, that's for sure. Finally finding it, she threw her head back on the pillows. Oh God yes.

The more she felt her orgasm build up inside of her, the more she felt she needed it. Quickly alternating between rubbing the tip of the vibrator against her clit and pressing it into her sweet spot, she felt the heat inside of her grow.

Just as she came, she pressed the vibrator firmly into her clit. As wave upon wave of her orgasm hit, her eyes rolled back into her head and she began bucking against her own hand and the vibrator. It seemed to take forever for the waves to subside completely.

Switching off the vibrator, she opened her eyes...

... and looked directly into her husband's.

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  1. What a very lucky man to wake up to that!!! Very nice writing!


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