Thursday, 29 January 2009

Wait a cotton-pickin' minute. Who's supposed to be teasing whom here?

It seems my little "plan" is backfiring in my face.

All day today (well, as long as he's been up anyway; he didn't get out of bed until something like 5 p.m. [yeah, still not feeling well; neither am I]) he's been torturing the hell out of me.

  • Biting my neck and then licking the spot he'd just sunk his teeth into. (God, that drives me crazy... and he knows it!)
  • Grabbing me by the back of my head, pulling me all the way back in my chair, and kissing me as if he were trying to devour me alive.
  • Tickling me (I'm uber-ticklish, and for some reason him tickling me seems to turn us both on).
  • Grabbing my tits (though this is usually accompanied by one of the above kisses and/or bites, it by itself is enough to torture me).

He leaves me literally panting for him. And cursing the fact that the tubal ligation I had almost 7 years ago didn't also take away my "lovely monthly visitor." Argh! It's just so... frustrating!

But at the same time, I have to admit I love it. =)

I look at it this way: why would he torture me so much if he didn't want me almost as much as I want him? (I say almost because of his no-go rule when it comes to my period.) Knowing how much I want him and feeling wanted in return? How could I not love that?

Now to continue my search for the perfect e-card to send him tonight. Gah, why do these things have to be so hard to find?

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  1. I used to abstain during my period but I simply can't wait. So out comes the fuck towel and away we go.

    But teasing is good and makes the day after your period finishes fantastic. ;)


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